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Our company was created on April 1, 1983, specialized in the manufacture of air brake systems for the trucks that were circulating then in Spain (Pegasos and Barreiros). With our Air Fren product brand we served the entire Iberian Peninsula.

In the 90s, vehicles from other European brands began to arrive in Spain and our catalogue was updated in order to offer our customers the new products demanded by the market. Since then we have worked in the aftermarket sector of the industrial vehicle, supplying spare parts for the main brands of truck, trailer and bus that circulate around the world.

Thus we became official suppliers of Iveco and Renault, and also of public bus services in the main cities of Spain, who decided to work with us to repair their fleets.

Our main objective has always been the maximum satisfaction of our customers and this is reflected in a company policy based on quality and continuous improvement of all our processes, from obtaining the product, customer service and after-sales service. The result of this work was the obtaining of our ISO:9001 quality certificate in 1997.

Soon we managed to jump to the international market. The world is very big and we wanted to conquer it. In the year 2000, international fairs and our desire to improve paid off and AIR FREN was able to export its first products abroad. Today we have achieved our brand is present in more than 70 countries of the 5 continents. .

In 2008, the new offices, warehouse and logistics center of AIR FREN were inaugurated. They are a modern and extensive facilities that have allowed us to carry out all the new projects of the company and focus on:

The continuous improvement of our product verification line , with new processes, test benches and tooling, that allow us to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our product quality control system.

The incorporation into our catalogue of new product families that complement our offer, always trying to offer our customers a complete and updated catalogue . These are new references, which we know are demanded by the market, and which, with very demanding quality standards, widely satisfy the needs of our customers.