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satisfacción de nuestros clientes

Our PRIORITY is the SATISFACTION of our customers

AIR FREN's commitment to the satisfaction of our customers involves developing a system of continuous improvement that increases the efficiency of our processes, from obtaining the product, customer service and after-sales service, including the assessment and communication of interested parts and all those factors that affect the initial and final quality of the product. This acquired commitment is based on the implementation of a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 . Thus, we are in a position to guarantee the quality of our products and services.

For us the priority are the clients , facilitating their work in an agile, effective and competitive way. All this is achieved through a close and transparent manner and always willing to address any suggestions or need that may arise. We seek a high degree of satisfaction from our customers, offering products with high quality standards that meet the necessary requirements and applicable regulations.

For all of this we have a professional staff with a long experience, trained, and able to progress in their work, and thus to provide continuous improvement on all areas involved in our processes. We are people committed to the quality policy of the company and whose priority is the maximum satisfaction of our customers and of the final users of our products.


Product quality and R + D + I

Our commitment to quality is manifested in the continuous improvement of our product verification line, through a permanent investment in the development of new processes, test benches and tooling. With them we corroborate and guarantee our customers the correct operation of the products that we put on sale. All in accordance with our quality system certified by the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

We are aware of the importance of R + D + I as a tool to update and be competitive. Therefore we have a strategy designed to be efficient, productive, reduce costs and also develop those processes that will become a differentiating advantage of the company. In our case, we always try to have current products, with guaranteed quality and reliability, that cover current needs. This requires a continuous analysis of the market, which allows us to identify the demand and even anticipate future trends; as well as an analysis of the rest of the company's processes to solve possible problems, find improvements or simply give rise to an idea that over time will become something of our own and differentiating.